Publication Policy and Publishing Ethics

Publication Policy;

- JIENS is a peer-reviewed journal published electronically twice a year (January, July).

- JIENS publishs scientific research articles, graduate thesis articles, review articles and letters to the editor written in Turkish or English.

- Articles submitted to JIENS for evaluation should be prepared according to the JIENS article writing format and manuscript template.

- There is no limit to the number of pages in the articles. The abstract should be between 100-250 words. The number of keywords should be at least 3 and should not exceed 8.

- Articles submitted to be published in JIENS should be prepared according to the journal's writing rules; should be innovative in terms of content; suggest a new method or add a new dimension to previously existing scientific knowledge.

- All articles submitted to JIENS are evaluated with a blind review system as a requirement of objective publishing policy by at least two reviewers.

- The reviewer evaluations of the articles submitted to JIENS are expected to be completed within 15 days. If this period is exceeded, the editors appoint a new reviewer.

- After the reviewer evaluation, acceptance/rejection desicion of the submitted article is made by the editors. In line with the reviewer comments, a major (re-submit for evaluation) or minor (revision required) revision decision is requested to improve the article. After the "resubmit for review" or "revision required" decision, the requested changes are expected to be made within 30 days by the author for the "resubmit for review" decision, and within 20 days for the "revision required" decision. Otherwise, the article will be rejected. The articles that are uploaded again after the revision but do not reach the desired quality and are not scientifically sufficient are rejected. 

- JIENS works with an open access system. Articles published in journal issues are accessible free of charge.

- No fee is requested from the authors for the article submission or publishing.

- JIENS started to be published in 2021 and the second issue will be published in January 2022.

- Maximum "40" articles can be published in each issue. Articles will be published in the order of acceptance date. DOI numbers will be given to all accepted articles.


Ethical Principles;

- Ethical committee report should be attached for manuscripts requiring ethical committee approval.

- The blind review method is applied, in which the authors do not see the reviewers.

- Articles uploaded to the JIENS should not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. 

- Authors should reference all the citations they use in their articles and the references should be added to the end of the manuscript text. 

- The copyright transfer form, in which all authors approve their responsibilities regarding the publication, must be uploaded to the system, signed by all authors.

- The results of articles should be presented clearly and honestly, without fabrication, falsification, wrong or inappropriate data manipulation.

- All authors have equal responsibility regarding ethical principles.

- Similarity score control is performed for all manuscripts at the pre-check stage. Manuscripts with a similarity rate of over 20% are not taken into consideration.