Research and Publishing Ethics

Ethics in Research & Publication

The manuscripts are required to comply with national and international ethic rules for publishing. Authors must pay attention to ICMJE (International Committee of Medcial Journal Editors) recommendations and COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines, namely “International Standards for Editors and Authors”.  

Importantly, both researchers and authors, as well as referees and editors, must comply with certain ethical rules during evaluation process since new ideas and studies include unpublished methods and algorithms. In the Journal of Innovative Engineering and Natural Science (JIENS), authors, reviewers and editors must comply with the following responsibilities:


Ethical responsibilities of authors

Submitted works should not have been published elsewhere and the manuscript and the manuscript should not be submitted to more than one publication for simultaneous consideration. Authors declare the issues with a form offered by the journal.

  1. Authors must obey APA6 rules when citing published studies.
  2. Authors must declare their relationships or activities representing the potential for conflict of interest and bias.
  3. Submitted works may contain raw data that affects the evaluation process, in this case the raw data and the permission to use this data must be presented.
  4. Authors inform to editorial board whether an error or deficiency in their studies and the authors are allowed to make necessary corrections.


Ethical responsibilities of referees

  1. Referees must decide as acceptance or rejection about the suitability of the studies regarding to their field of expertise and their competencies.
  2. Referees must make the evaluation in confidentiality.
  3. If referees notice any conflict of interests and bias, they should inform the editor about the issues.
  4. Confidentiality rules are strictly enforced at JIENS and referees can only use the data in the evaluated studies only after they are published.
  5. Manuscripts must be reviewed according to only academic and scientific criteria. The reviews should avoid gender, political belief and nationality information. The reviews should be carried out by considering academic logic, spelling and style standards.
  6. Referees should respond in time when a manuscript is submitted to them to be reviewed. If there is a valid delay or postponement, the referees must notify the situation and the reason of the situation to the editors.


Ethical responsibilities of editors

  1. Editor should examine the studies submitted for publication in JIENS considering only academic and scientific criteria before the referee evaluations. Gender, political views, and race discrimination are not considered in the evaluations.
  2. Personal information of authors and referees is protected.
  3. If editors notice any conflict of interests and bias, they may request information and statements from the authors about the relevant issues.
  4. Editor should check for plagiarism and compliance with ethical rules for studies submitted to publish in JIENS.